– music and presence –

We didn’t have to bring or animate music in the Broniów and Ostałówek .  It has long been there, flowing swift stream and feeds intuitively all the activities and works. Both Ostałówek and Broniów have their own musicians. In Ostałówek, continuously for years, plays the violin mister Józef Tkaczyk, and the Ostałki singers is famous in the entire area.  There are Bronowianki in Broniów, they’re also singers but with slightly shorter practice.  They also have their leading instrumentalists: Mister Wieś Zielonka and Mirek Bębenek. But beyond this official action, from which the whole community is proud, there is spontaneous music everywhere, in every corner, and it is just waiting for an opportunity to reveal itself.My playing in both places was not caused by the will of gathering musical material or an attempt to teach anyone how to play. It was rather the accompaniment. The presence of the new violin in the area produced a need to find a way to use them. When the Bronowianki came for a rehearsal to the common room, they asked for an accompaniment. Mister Zielonka needed the assist in a medley of country waltzes. “We are taking you to the band, we have to use it” – said Jacek, folklore instructor who trains with a band from Broniów new material and he is supposed to lead them to victory in the forthcoming review!

There is a violinist, you have to play with him. And the rehearsal moves out from the common room to the stairs in front of the shop. The regulars are coming, order new tunes – “Play Seweryn Krajewski!” I cannot so they hum. One cannot take advantage of this opportunity, there is a violinist – let him play. You have to play. So we play the soldiers songs, festive songs, disco polo, country waltzes. Mister Zielonka turns out to be an excellent dance leader. He gets in front of the building and takes the initiative. Some men reveal the talent of playing the drums. Suddenly someone pulls out harmonica. There are songs, sometimes dances. And we are in this playing, maybe not always on the same note, but all the time tuning to each other.
And finally the question about animation arises. Could it be the presence itself? Simply being there and actions which cause an immediate backlash. The action which certainly is not equal to daily work of Broniów inhabitants, it does not become their most important activity. It is in the background, beyond all the duties. But it is also flowing underneath the skin, stimulates the activity. And nothing indicates that it can reveal itself spontaneously at any time during the meeting.

“I used to know so many melodies. Now they all are gone” – tell us, during the short rehearsal, Józef Tkaczyk from Ostałówek, the violinist. “Sometimes only I wake up in the morning and suddenly the melody comes to my head and I cannot get it out of it so I have to play”.

You have to play, so let’s play. You have to be, well, there we are.