– serendipity –


Serendipity means making a fortunate discovery where we do not expect it – this is a word-definition of my stay in Broniów and Ostałówek. This is the definition of nature of my relations with people living there. This is the definition of what has left from my plans, or rather of what they turned into.

The dynamics of changes, an unexpected twist in the plot interspersed with waiting for hours for a breakthrough. The time, which runs differently in the country, and people, who seem to define it differently – it all made me realize just on the very first day that the most important in my presence in Ostałówek and Broniów will not be planning and execution but coexistence and seizing opportunities.

Only by being together, working together, being bored together and common struggle with it, traveling together – perhaps even settling common goals, you can get where you do not even expect. Serendipity.

My task in Warsaw was to organise football game. In Broniów and Ostałówek my task was, as it turned out, spending time with boys, talking, jokes, going to games of Hubal Chlewiska and cheering on this local team, taking photos, exchanging the music, walking to check the state of the football pitch, making templates and t-shirts…

Maybe no one will believe that while organising football game the miracles happen. Maybe this is not a situation when people start to pen and talk about their dreams. Maybe it does not provoke young boys to reflect on their own future or the animation of the local community. Indeed organising a game no one expects it. And yet. Serendipity.