– project description –

„Cut – an interdisciplinary animation and artistic project” is an action which is part of the Congress ShortCut Europe 2011 program. Unlike Congress, which will have mostly theoretical character, the “Cut” project consists of interdisciplinary educational and artistic activities, which are carried out in places, where the access to the culture is difficult due to the nature of local communities (“peripheral”, marginalised, unemployment, educational deficiency etc.).  One of the project’s goals is to develop and spread modern methods of local communities activation through the educational and artistic actions held simultaneously.  The film program of “Cut” project: films documenting the artistic events, workshops and Congress ShortCut Europe 2011, will help in spreading these ideas.

Artur Żmijewski and Paweł Althamer will take part in this project, in their actions they will cooperate with local community from Szydłowiec and its region. Paweł Althamer (together with inhabitants of the town and surrounding villages) will tune up a bus, which will become a space for actions carried out by the artist in cooperation with town’s inhabitants.  Artur Żmijewski will be curator of another part of the project, which will consists in combining in the space of Szydłowiec actions of Warsaw institutions (Museum of Modern Art, Political Critique, and Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle) and local cultural initiatives.  The main elements of the actions will be cooperation between local animators and representatives of the “centre” and combining the internal and external perspective in artistic attempt of grassroots form of creativity, that are put in the cultural and economic context of Szydłowiec.

Simultaneously in Warsaw, at Dudziarska Street area, collective PGR_Art from Gdańsk and Warsaw group vlep(v)net (artists and animators who are specialised in street art projects and social activities) will work on art and cultural education actions. Reality of the Dudziarska street and the course and consequences of the animation and artistic actions will be  filmed.

Project objectives:

•    implementation of educational and artistic practices, that will reveal and develop the grassroots way  of arranging cultural and developmental actions ,
•    initiation of discussion about cultural potential of impoverished and marginalised communities in the context of contemporary social and economic conditions,
•    changing the models and stereotypes which are present in many cultural programs, that peripheral communities are unable to act and to change,   
•    initiation of a discussion about the role of educator / artist in excluded communities and the meaning of the tools used, potential of interdisciplinary projects which combine education and art,

•    equalising  the opportunities in access to culture


The project is implemented with financial support of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Warsaw City Hall.

Partners of the project:
Open Art Projects, pleple.tv, Museum of Modern Art, Political Critique, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, The Authority of Szydłowiec  Area,  The Society of Culturally Active “Projektoriat”


Venues and dates of the project: Dudziarska street area in Warsaw and Szydłowiec and its area / September – October 2011.