– machines –


Łukasz Skąpski looked for traces of creativity in the field of constructin something out of nothing in Broniów and Ostałówek. What he found was exhibited and so the owners of this DIY-machines got to know a second life of a waching machine and of iron elements sponsored by polish national railways, a second life of Fiat 126 engine. See it by your self – do it yourself – a lawnmower, a pitchfork, a barrow, a tractor, a motorcycle and discotheque lights!



– we’re cooking –

There is a such saying in polish “Through a stomach to a heart”. In our case it was: through pazibroda, porka and pumpkin to a heart. Common cooking makes it possible to meet the other man and know his or her universe of associations not only through a dialogue and observations – but also through a common experience of the same taste in the same moment. You ask me, how it is to go on a rollercoaster? Come with me there – you’ll know it by yourself! We (Elżbieta Jabłońska, Sebastian Świader and me) cooked both in private kitchens nad public places. With old and young ladies. With boys and girls. In Ostałówek and Broniów. Dishes from their childhood and dishes that are in. Expensive and not expensive at all. Taking a couple of hours and a couple of minutes to prepare. Local dishes and dishes not-from-here. Mishmash. A fruit salad. Yummy!

– we’re jamming –

Blues came to the town. And so was a balaphone. For one evening a Broniów’s day-room transformed into a spacious music hall where – among black and white visualisations and photos of american musicians a story teller (Jarek Kaczmarek) and a musician (Gwidon Cybulski) took the audience on a trip fuled with curiosity and warm sounds. A featuring gig of Kuba – 12-year-old Zaława-ian – was a climax of the evening. He played out his love for blues on a guitar and harmony. And what was the story about? About blues. Of life. And once again – about dreams. Because the idea should be very simple and positive. 

– we’re painting –

If you could go from this bus stop to any place on Earth, where would that be?  This is a question put to all of the Ostalówek’s busstop users. And the answers differed a lot – from Paris, through Carribean to Australia and Kilimanjaro. Some people would stay home or go where you’d go. (Almost) all of the answers were sprayed afterwards onto white walls of the bus stop. That’s how a colorful tag cloud was created. For some time they will shine with a rainbow light and remind dwellers of Ostałówek that they – this imagined places – do exist. And that you can and may dream. just. dream. and you? where would you go?



– invitations –

Our September’s stay in Ostałówek and Broniów we have started with handing out invitations to all inhabitants of both villages to events which we have planned for these two weeks. We went both to our good, old friends; and to these inhabitants we have not met before. We decided to visit all the houses to make the next weeks the opportunity to organise a meeting of a wide range of people – the old and the young ones, natives and the visitors. Joint cooking of local speciality, delicious “pazibroda” (recommended for people who seek low-cost idea for a dinner for a dozen guests) created an opportunity to greet the inhabitants of Broniów again. While in Ostałówek we painted together the bus stop.


– plans –


We’re gonna spend the last two weeks of September in Ostałówek and Broniów. We’ve already got an action plan – to end up somewhere in the middle of a field having an exhibition of self-made machines. They will be closer to heaven because standing on an exhibition boxes borrowed from a museum. And everything will be illuminated. And between two firecars there will be a sheet with a projected retransmission of a gameplay on it, commented by one of our storytellers. And the rain won’t rain. And the evening will be exceptionally warm as for this time of a year.

The very next day a white table with favorite meals will appear among local vocal groups that will sing for Mr Tkaczyk – a local violin virtuoso. Everything because of his anniversary. And the last day is reserved for good-byes and nostalgic photo slideshows… on that day, too, the sun will be shining. >>>>

– in between –

sierpień 2011, Broniów, fot. P. Ogrodzkisierpień 2011, Broniów, fot. P. Ogrodzki







Broniów – few days of animation work and ethnographic experience. Not being too naively idealistic, not trying to lessen the emotional commitment with „scientific” distance, without any hesitation I can say that working there and the experience of this place was very strong, significant and inspiring.

I should clarify the criteria of such a positive opinion. My aim was to lead to such a situation, in which animation actions will create cooperation with local community. Ideally it would be cooperation on every stage of the project: creating, planning, preparing, implementation, cleaning. As it turned out the commitment that was showed in different forms – from accepting the activity to joint work – seized both animators and habitants of the village. >>>>

– a larch –







The aim of my activity in Broniów village was to enter into dialog with local youth through the actions in the village’s public space. These actions, originally, were supposed to lead to change in the perception of neglected places of daily use, such as bus stops or building where the common room is, and also were supposed to reveal the creative potential in the villagers themselves which can start changes in using these places and give them new function. >>>>

– a ball –

On the way to Broniów we had a puncture… we have been standing for hours in 30 degrees heat, next to us was endless line of cars, we have been looking for a driver with a cross screwdriver, we have changed the tyre and finally… a storm! After this experience idea of a sphere / circle controlled our subconscious.
We return to Ostałówek and Broniów, again… How to start a conversation, how to emphasize our presence, how to involve people? We need a creative reconnaissance.


– the map –