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– prologue: trailer of the film –

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– prologue in kordegarda gallery! –

Exhibition: “Prologue. Unrecognized dimensions of cultural development”
Venue: Kordegarda Gallery, 15/17 Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, Warsaw
Dates: 15-19 November 2011

Curator: Tomasz Rakowski

Team: Ewa Chomicka, Piotr Cichocki, Maja Dobiasz, Agata Pietrzyk, Dorota Ogrodzka, Sebastian Świąder, Julia Biczysko, Zuzanna Naruszewicz, Aleksandar Ćirlić, Paweł Ogrodzki.

The exhibition will present works from the project “Prologue” which was carried out as an announcement of the congress ShortCut Europe 2011 held in Warsaw between 16th and 18th of November. His project is a continuation of a 5-year ethnographic researches and animation projects carried out by students, animators and artists in Ostałówek and Broniów near Szydłowiec (area of the high, rural unemployment). Its main research question was: how the social/artistic actions stimulate the local potential of cultural creativity? The project combined ethnographic researches dedicated to working there non-formal activists, social activists and self-organised groups and series of animation and artistic events. The long-term effect of the actions led by artists, educators and cultural animators is both documentary of the implemented projects and works are the aftermath of these actions.


– music and presence –

We didn’t have to bring or animate music in the Broniów and Ostałówek .  It has long been there, flowing swift stream and feeds intuitively all the activities and works. Both Ostałówek and Broniów have their own musicians. In Ostałówek, continuously for years, plays the violin mister Józef Tkaczyk, and the Ostałki singers is famous in the entire area.  There are Bronowianki in Broniów, they’re also singers but with slightly shorter practice.  They also have their leading instrumentalists: Mister Wieś Zielonka and Mirek Bębenek. But beyond this official action, from which the whole community is proud, there is spontaneous music everywhere, in every corner, and it is just waiting for an opportunity to reveal itself. >>>>

– photoblog: perfobus –






















– frame –




„And if you fill his painting, do you get any bonus?” asked me one of my interlocutors. I was standing then next to the fence with a golden frame and a camera in the hand and I was waiting for my host to tell me about the next holy picture, which will enrich a collection.
Conversation, posing, photo, waiting for the result, staring at the contours emerging from the white photo paper, title, putting the picture in the frame, thanking, thanks, goodbye.
Time to move on…


– serendipity –


Serendipity means making a fortunate discovery where we do not expect it – this is a word-definition of my stay in Broniów and Ostałówek. This is the definition of nature of my relations with people living there. This is the definition of what has left from my plans, or rather of what they turned into.

The dynamics of changes, an unexpected twist in the plot interspersed with waiting for hours for a breakthrough. The time, which runs differently in the country, and people, who seem to define it differently – it all made me realize just on the very first day that the most important in my presence in Ostałówek and Broniów will not be planning and execution but coexistence and seizing opportunities.


– we’re saying goodbye –

– we’re painting –

– Broniów sociological thought –

Tomek Rakowski - preparations before the exhiition

Man did not wait for the coming of social sciences in order to develop ideas on law, morality, the family, the state or society itself, for they needed such ideas in order to live.

Émile Durkheim

Today opens an exhibition on Broniów sociological thought. In Broniów and its neighbourhood political thinking and acting is what absorbs people in almost every age. One of the Broniów inhabitants became a village administrator at age of 21 years old! He is a member of the communal council. One of our great interlocutors, farmer, milk woman, long-term councillor when she met us, she introduced herself as a “political animal”.