– documentation of “cut” and congress –



– after the congress –

– theatrically –

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– concert of RUTA accompanying the congress –

16th of November, Wednesday, 9pm,  Centralny Basen Artystyczny

R.U.T.A. – The Reactionary Terrorist-Artistic Union aka The Movement of Utopia, Transcendence and Anarchy

The band will present music from the record “’GORE’ – Songs of Rebellion and Misery 16th – 20th century”

Four centuries of misery, poverty and slavery enchanted in diabolical compositions. Bloody sounds as simple and honest as they could be. Old instruments, folk poetry and universal message. Eternally valid. According to a druidic rule – Truth Against The World. >>>>

– the chorus of women: congress opening –





Listen to the chorus

As it spits sand lingering in the throat

As it takes the floor

As it constructs the Tower of Babel.

Who is the chorus?

Modern drama excluded it, dumped sand on it

and sentenced to silence

Today THE CHORUS OF WOMEN wants to regain, to create voice >>>>

– study tours during the congress –


We would like to invite congress’ guests to choose the path of study visit, during which it will be possible to get to know the activity of one of the selected institutions / organisations, representing a unique space on the cultural and educational map of Warsaw. One of the paths, Platform of Culture, will provide commentary on the animation and projects’ experiences from entire Poland.

Visits will be held on November 17, between 3pm and 7pm. Number of places in each visit is limited.

Registration: shortcut2011@logistykaszkolen.pl


– paint a pillar! –

We call to write on the advertising columns! On the streets and in front of people!

We guarantee: closed eyes of the policemen, paints and… a place to write on a column.

7th of November (Monday), at 12.00, in the centre of Warsaw.

What do you think about freedom and anarchy (in culture)?

Where is hiding the lost participant (of culture)?

Where is the public space?

We invite you to non-speaking but writing discussion.

The action “Paint the column” precedes the congress ShortCut Europe 2011, an international meeting of culture animators, creators, educators and social activists, which is held under the banner “Culture (not) for all?”. The Warexpo company made 10 advertising columns available to non-standard expressions about the main topics of the congress. The role of animators (and paint and brushes providers) will be played by the employees of the Mazovia Region Centre of Culture and Arts.

Write with the paints, come to the action.


– congress information –

Following numerous requests we inform that there is a possibility to register to the Congress ShortCut Europe 2011. At the same time we recall that the number of seats on each panel is limited!

This week the final program of the Congress, study visits and accompanying events will be presented. Check our website for all the details!


– extended registration! –


The registration forthe Congress has been extended to October 31.

 You are welcome to enter our website and register for the Congress!