– documentation of “cut” and congress –



– golden bus –


– ethnographic research, animation of culture –


– reflections from ‘kowalnia’–


– broniów song –


– prologue: trailer of the film –

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– after the congress –

– theatrically –

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– concert of RUTA accompanying the congress –

16th of November, Wednesday, 9pm,  Centralny Basen Artystyczny

R.U.T.A. – The Reactionary Terrorist-Artistic Union aka The Movement of Utopia, Transcendence and Anarchy

The band will present music from the record “’GORE’ – Songs of Rebellion and Misery 16th – 20th century”

Four centuries of misery, poverty and slavery enchanted in diabolical compositions. Bloody sounds as simple and honest as they could be. Old instruments, folk poetry and universal message. Eternally valid. According to a druidic rule – Truth Against The World. >>>>

– the chorus of women: congress opening –





Listen to the chorus

As it spits sand lingering in the throat

As it takes the floor

As it constructs the Tower of Babel.

Who is the chorus?

Modern drama excluded it, dumped sand on it

and sentenced to silence

Today THE CHORUS OF WOMEN wants to regain, to create voice >>>>